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Dating? Wouldn't it be nice to have a wardrobe of date-worthy clothes that would really flatter your plus size figure?Yes, I know he loves you for yourself. He was drawn to your lovely personality in addition to your looks. Then again, it wouldn't hurt to make the most of what you've got and watch his jaw drop when he sees you.A full wardrobe makeover can be very expensive. Then again, you don't need to fill your wardrobe to the brim with new outfits. All you need is a capsule wardrobe of 10 well chosen pieces (clothes and accessories) for all your dates.The main thing you should take note of is that every piece should be versatile and can be combined in many ways for many looks.Interested?These are my top 10 picks.1. A fitted dress in a color that flatters you, which hugs you curves.Go for color. Pick one that makes you look radiant, not sickly. No matter how much you love that outfit, if the color does nothing for you, skip it. Keep in mind that you are building a capsule wardrobe, so pick only items make you look amazing. Avoid loose dresses. They would only make you look fat. Go for one that hugs your curves and nips in your waist.2. A low cut top in a different color from your dress.I'm sure there is more than one color that flatters you. Find another color that makes you look amazing and get a sexy top in that shade. That top can go with a myriad of bottoms for many different looks. Invest that gorgeous top that makes you look amazing.3. A pair of jeans.Get one cut to fit the plus size woman.4. 1 long elegant black skirt.That is a feminine basic that can take you to a concert, a dinner date or anywhere that requires elegant dressing. Avoid anything frilly as frills add volume which is what you would want to avoid. A silk skirt that hugs your curves would be ideal.5. 1 black dress in a length you are comfortable in, which makes you look amazing. It could have a plunging front if you are proud of your cleavage, or it could show off your back if you have smooth, beautiful skin.6. 1 faux fur lined leather jacket. That is sleek, chic and utterly gorgeous. Not to mention, warm enough for cold days or nights out.7. 1 sexy top that shows off your cleavage, or your shoulders. For versatility, make this one in a neutral color which you look great in.8. 1 pair of sexy high heel shoes. Hey, this is a date wardrobe and high heels make a girl even sexier.9. A pair of boots. Make these a chic pair and wear them with total confidence.10. Large Jewelry. Nothing insipid. One large item creates more impact than lots of tiny jewels that disappear on you. Proportion is everything, so make your jewelry plus size as well. You can wear chunky bracelets, chandelier earrings and impressive necklaces much better than your skinny sisters. Real jewels, especially large items, can cost a fortune. Go for cubic zirconia jewelry instead. These are so much more affordable, and just as stunning. Feelings of anxiety and concern are completely normal prior to a wedding. One or both members of the couple may experience the cold feet phenomenon that overshadows them and causes them to become concerned over their upcoming wedding. Usually this feeling is not a cause for concern and it passes naturally on its own as your realize that you are more excited than anxious but the following are a few tips for helping to work through your cold feet issues.The first tip for dealing with cold feet is simply to relax and realize that this happens to a lot of people in your situation. This is important because many people will get caught up in believing that these feelings mean that they shouldn't go through with their wedding. Realizing that your feelings are completely naturally will help to waylay these fears.After you calm down, get out a piece of paper and pen and just start listing all of your anxiety. This is particular helpful because you may have a great deal of trouble doing this which is significant because it helps you to realize that you don't really have anything to worry about. The other scenario is that you may find that you have a long list of fears and may be amused to find that none of them are really logical. Sometimes seeing your concerns listed on paper helps to alleviate them.Another tip for dealing with cold feet is to talk to your partner about your feelings. Many people are hesitant to this because they are embarrassed about their feelings but talking to your loved one can really help in this situation. Chances are that they know you better than anyone and can assist you working through these things. They may even confess similar feelings which helps you to realize that cold feet are completely natural.If you feel that talking to your partner will further exacerbate the problem consider talking to a close friend instead. Just talking about your anxiety can help to relieve the tension. Once you verbalize your fears you are likely to find that they begin to dissipate and you start to relax and look forward to your upcoming wedding. Another tip for dealing with cold feet is to talk to a friend who has recently married to get their perspective on married life. They will be able to tell you how well things are going for them which should ease your fears about the transition to married life. They will also be able to assure you that they had similar feelings of anxiety and that there is no cause for concern. Making two lists; one of your fears and one of your reasons for marrying your partner, can help to alleviate cold feet. Once you make this list you will most likely see that the reasons that you want to get married far outweigh your fears. Sometimes just seeing this on paper is very beneficial to eliminating cold feet. Writing a love letter to your partner can be another way to combat the feelings of cold feet. This process gives you a chance to ponder all the reasons why you love your partner. Expressing your feelings in a love letter can refocus your attention on what you love most about your partner and make you realize that the small things you are worrying about are really inconsequential. Going through old photos of you and your partner can also help to ease the anxiety of cold fit. Looking through pictures from your courtship is a great way to remind you of all the fun times you and your partner have had together and will help you realize that there are still lots of fun times together in store for the two of you. Spending some time away from the planning process is another way to help alleviate cold feet. Wedding anxiety is often spurred on by other problems such as the stresses of the wedding planning. This stress can put you on edge and make problems seem bigger than they really are. Take a trip to spa or spend an afternoon participating in an activity you enjoy to take your mind off of all the details that are still remaining for a little while. Finally, if after examining the reason for your cold feet, you come to realize that there are serious issues at hand it is advisable to postpone the wedding until these issues can be resolved. If your concerns are valid and your relationship is potentially harmful either physically or emotionally you may need to seek professional help. Issues such as abuse, addiction and betrayal can be reasons to cancel a wedding and discontinue the relationship.Cold feet of feelings of anxiety over your impending wedding are perfectly normal. Many brides and grooms have these feelings and in most cases they are completely harmless. It is, however, important to trust your instincts and if there is something seriously wrong with your relationship, it may be wise to cancel the wedding. url url The business world is a very competitive place to be. Everyday business owners just like you struggle to make it through another month, another year. But the difference between those who make it and those whose businesses fail is simply frame of mind and willingness to work. It's understanding your own business intuition, and giving it a good workout – practicing common sense in the best possible way to gain success.The following are 10 ways to give that business intuition a good workout and make sure that you're using it to its fullest.1. Think Innovative Ideas and ConceptsOriginality is the only thing that can really set you apart from your competitors. And though being creative isn't something you can simply turn on and off, how you can make your business better and different than others is something that should be on your mind everyday. Most importantly though, is that you don't simply do what others have done-try and think differently to make your success different.2. Examine Your OptionsDepending on what kind of business you run, there are often dozens of different directions you could take with it at any given time. Take an example from those who have come before-examine businesses similar to yours and see what set them apart. This will give you a better idea of what can come next for your business.3. Do Your HomeworkBefore you can get the best impression of what you should be doing, you need to make sure that you'll have done your homework. Not only will this give you the most thorough understanding of what will be expected of you, but it will also inspire you in ways that you can better your business and make it truly stand out. Homework isn't just something you left behind in school – it's something you'll need to dedicate yourself to doing, to open your intuition to every opportunity that is out there.4. Pound the PavementJust like when you're looking for a job, it can help to get out there and pound the pavement a little. Whether it's physical pavement, or the pavement of the information highway on the internet, it's a good idea to get out there and find out what's around you. What is your competition doing? How can you become more attractive to your niche market?5. Get in the KnowBe an industry leader by getting to know everything there is to know about your business. It's your business-so you should know every part of it.6. Ask AroundDon't be shy-ask everyone who comes in what they think, everyone you work with what they would do differently. Visit similar businesses in your area, and have a look at the websites of businesses providing similar products and services. Make a point to ask their proprietors what set them apart: it can give you a better idea of just how to proceed.7. Look AroundJust as important as asking around is keeping your eyes open-take the time to look around and you might be amazed at what you see.8. Spend Your Money WiselyOf course this goes without saying, right? In fact, being frugal is something no business owner can take for granted. It is of vital importance that you make a detailed budget and then stick to it. More importantly, when it comes time to update or change your business, you have to have done your homework, because you'll want to spend your money very wisely.9. Work Hard and SmartRunning your own business-and make it fly-is nothing but hard work. But if you go into it knowing that you're going to have to go the extra mile, you'll be starting off on the right foot. Your business needs to be your top priority and first thought everyday if it's going to succeed.10. Follow Your HeartMore than anything, when it's time for change you have to follow your heart. It's your business, and it should be a reflection of your passion and commitment. Whatever you have in mind for your business, always make it honest and from you and it's sure to succeed.Using your business intuition and giving it a good workout is a matter of opening up your eyes, learning about your own environment, industry, and clientele, and practicing good common sense. Give your "gut sense" something to consider, by getting out there and finding out what others are doing. Don't ignore what your gut is telling you. The odds are, it's sending you a message for a reason. 10-Year Old Girl Gives Birth url url 11 Natural Remedies to Fight against Colds, Flu and Fever Do your post a lot of ads? I'm sure you do if you run a business. It's very important that you know how to post ads so you can get the best results from your efforts. So I've put together a list of 10 things you can do to greatly increase your ads chance of success.1. Publish a picture of yourself in your ad. This will show people that you're not hiding behind your web site and you're not afraid to backup your product. People love to see a face. Doing this will help increase how well your ad does.2. List how many famous or respected people have purchased your product in your ad. These people should be fairly known by your target audience. If people hear or know well respected people bought from you they instantly will have more trust in you.3. Publish the results of any tests your product has passed in your ad. Your product may have passed a durability test, safety test, quality test, etc. The results of these tests will greatly increase your chances of success.4. Publish the results of any positive surveys you've taken from your customers in your ad. Just survey your current customers and list the results. Everyone loves to know what others think about a product before they buy it.5. List any publications that have written about your business in your ad. It could be a product review, on a top ten list, an article, etc. This is just another little trick to do. People love information, and it's a great seller.6. List any related books that you've written in your ad. When you list a book(s) you've written, it gives you credibility because it shows you're an expert. People love to work with someone who knows what they are doing.7. Have a professional looking web site to publish your ad on. When people visit your site and it looks unprofessional, they'll relate that to your product. I always like to look at a website like the doorway to your store. If it looks junky nobody will enter.8. Publish any endorsements from famous people in your ad. Some people will think if a famous person enjoys your product, so will they.9. Use a money back guarantee in your ad. This will remove the risk from your potential customers and show them that you stand behind your product. Doing this will give people are more secure feeling about buying from you.10. Provide testimonials from satisfied customers in your ad. The testimonials should include specific and believable results you customers have received. Again everyone loves to know what other people think about your product before they buy it.So there you have it. Ten steps to help improve your ads, and have them convert better to increase your sales. If your not doing any of the above 10 steps yet I highly recommend you start making the changes right away. I feel it will only help and benefit your business in the long run. url url
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