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#20 stimmt voll. hier mein beispiel: tagebuch schreiben #quickpic26411352458905jpg
ist aber ein lascher picdump heute.
@LeTrel das liegt dran dass viele nur die neueren comments lesen
@LeTrel Hauptsache ich frage das Gleiche nen paar Comments vorher und keiner geht drauf ein :'(
@Steech Welche Folge ist das?
@[F]L4SH :facepalm:
@benggie Es ist ein Dokumentar bzw. Lehrfilm der Spitzenklasse :) Konnte schon viel aus dem Film für meine eigenen Experimente lernen :)
@benggie Guck ihn, er steht zwar nicht unter den besten 100 Filmen bei imdb, aber das tun viele gute Filme nicht
@LeTrel ja, wo ist das r.i.p. Ryan Dunn :D
@animateur i prefer to call it FAPPY TIME :megusta:
@[F]L4SH und dann schau gleich den zweiten teil !!!
@animateur Happy Time #quickpic82511352494042jpg
@Sorock wollte gerade posten wie ich mit handschuhen masturbiere... hab es aber dann doch lieber gelassen :rolleyes:
@benggie Doch, schaue ihn
Kurze Übersetzung zu #13: A fine gentleman and a lady placed their fundaments on accessories which enabled them to sit in an erect position whilst supporting themselves on a raised, flat and satisfactory horizontal upper surface with an unknown number of legs. Both aforementioned individuals were having an interlocution. Suddenly, the female homo sapiens fervently queried her male counterpart whether the latter would demonstrate an emotion of a strong affection and personal attachment perennially. Thereupon the male uttered that he would not, however, his intonation indicated that he had not finished talking yet. The female primate of the family Homidinae and genus Homo felt perturbed; a sentiment which ultimately resulted in her eloping and shedding tears as a response to the aforementioned emotional state. Because of various complicated physiological processes I cannot elucidate on briefly, all her biological functions were permanently ceased. Her male partner subsequently began a process of terestrial locomotion which ultimately led him to the corpse quickly. Then, he finished his sentence in a mode of phonation in which the vocal cords did not vibrate normally but were instead adducted sufficiently to create audible turbulence as he exhaled during speech by stating that he would sense the introductory mentioned strong affection toward the meanwhile dead individual incessantly.
#22 ?
Schlomo will mehr!


Gerade Hot


Wie Giraffen schlafen




iNW-LiVE Morning Picdump #270518