wir sollten heterosexualität verbieten da gibts sogar paare in denem die frau über den mann bestimmt und ihn dabei auch knebelt fesselt und vieles mehr. wir werden alle sterben! diese welt ist so ein schlechter ort nicht ma mehr Sex is was anständiges =/
hahaha :D wie geil ^^ xD stimmt da denkt man bissle an southpark und seine stimme ist har genau die von dem typen aus der letzte könig von schottland xD. :D kommt der auch mal nach deutschland? könnt ihn mir so auf der Bühne vorstellen, vlt beim Appelt oder noch besser beim Thomas Hermanns ^^ ;P
@zahnfee, link gepostet, wartet auf freischaltung ;)
kann jemand bitte nen techno remix machen danke
@thisisspartaaa: danke für die mühe, hat den tag dann doch noch ohne neue isn-links gerettet
2 Ugandas 1 Cup Was ihr daraus assoziiert bleibt euch überlassen :) alles böse poopoo esser!
it is so painfull. so they have to take drugs.. but they enjoy it xDDD :rofl:
schaut mal was Raywilliamjohnson dazu sagt: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_g8TSdaG-Q
my favorite: "This is what happens when you give a third world? country technology..." :D
Die besten Youtube comments: He's so anti gay he's looking up hardcore gay? porn . He? is against homosexuals but uses Mac. My eyes have been opened! All? this time, I thought that homosexuality was when two people of the same sex love eachother, only to find out that homosexuality is really EATING DA POO POO! Wow, these people are so damn retarded. its like something i would? see on South Park. Smelling each other? wtf are? they dogs? Wow... they've? got laptops? And that's how you get a bunch of people to watch? gay pornography. I no longer enjoy? chocolate ice cream. The guy has homosexual porn in? his laptop, ergo he must be gay, ergo kill himself. As if that is not enough, he puts the hand DEEEEPAA! As Afrikans's we want to ask Barrack Obama to explain to us: is "this" what he wants to bring to Africa. As a human rigth to EAT THE POO POO?!?!? OF OUR CHIIILDREN! He reminds me? of King Julian from Madagascar. How the fuck do? they eat icecream in Uganda????? In soviet russia,? da poo poo eats YOU!! Wow.. Obama is? sick! He has clearly seen? to much gay porn. Its funny how its wrong to be a homosexual but its perfectly fine to watch gay porn? at church This morning I woke up, burnt a few bibles, ate some gay man's poop, you know,? the usual. He traded 10 slaves? for that macbook! Has this guy seen 2 girls 1 cup?? This is what happens when you give a third world? country technology... I like how he explains "anal licking" and anal? fisting before asking the children to step out of the room. He? knows an AWFUL lot about "eating da poo poo".... He probably came? twice doing his "research" I so want to hear this guy? describing an action movie!! The pastor found some crazy porn? site. Uganda? finally found 4chan. Concentrate on your civil war, child sex slaves, aids? epidemic, cannibalism, hunger, poverty, and lack of water. And then you can get back to "eating da poo poo". Like straight people dont do that shit lol.
omg macht der spacken mich sauer
Sure, that this is n.o.t a fake?
...die erzählen die gleiche Scheisse wie unsere Kirchenvertreter und der Schnauzbart vor etwa 70 Jahren...
omg is das krank. ich glaub ich brauch gleich nen schwanz wenn der so weiter macht...
Muss mich Zombiegrinder anschließen. Intolerante Spacken gibt es auf der ganzen Welt. Und denen würd ich eher meinen Fuß in den Arsch stecken, als meine Faust. :mad:

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