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Ja, die Armen werden wirklich immer fälschlich bezichtigt, nicht die "Reichen" oder der "Raubtierkapitalismus". Realitätswahrnehmung fürs Irrenhaus....

Old news: Rich people/politicians paying poor people to elect them and rob themselves.

"Since wealth is the only thing that can cure poverty, you might think that the left would be as obsessed with the creation of wealth as they are with the redistribution of wealth. But you would be wrong.

The whole political vision of the left, including socialism and communism, has failed by virtually every empirical test, in countries all around the world. But this has only led leftist intellectuals to evade and denigrate empirical evidence.

No one can really understand the political left without understanding that they are about making themselves feel superior, however much they may talk piously about what they are going to do to help others." Thomas Sowell

Also genauso habe ich immer den Kapitalismus verstanden. 


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